Social Distancing Safety Shields and Barriers – Oklahoma City

Social distancing safety shields and barriers for offices, schools, labs and hospitals - permanent and portable solutions in Oklahoma City.

Custom social distancing shields - glass and acrylic

Knox Glass Company of Oklahoma City's social distancing shields and protective barriers provide your office or organization additional protection from Covid-19 Coronavirus and other airborne diseases. Available for business, schools, offices, hospitals and agencies in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas.

Available in glass and acrylic, portable and long-term solutions, these shields and barriers help protect your employees and customers from the seasonal cold and flu and other airborne illnesses.

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Custom sneeze guard, cubical wall and countertop shields in OKC

Sneeze guards and barriers are great for:

  • Bank teller shields and protective barriers
  • Hospital and clinic shields and barriers
  • Government agency shields and barriers
  • Sign-in counter shields and barriers
  • Auto dealership shields and barriers
  • Food service sneeze shields and guards
  • Office desktop shields and barriers
  • Grocery counter sneeze shields and guards
  • Gas and service station shields and barriers
  • Tag agency shields and barriers
  • Checkout line shields and barriers

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Portable table-top social shields

Available in glass and acrylic, these shields are great for courtrooms, police interrogation rooms, attorney / client meeting rooms, schools, student desks and more.

Our Covid-19 shields can be used anywhere it necessary to minimize exposure to harmful air-bourne contaminates.

Minimum order: 20

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Custom social distancing shields and barriers

If your situation requires a little more creativity, we can customize covid shields to meet your specific needs.

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Cubical wall and countertop shields / barriers / walls for life sciences, labs and medical offices

We understand hospitals, medical clinics and laboratories have very specific needs. Knox Glass Company of Oklahoma City can customize covid-19 shields just for you in your choice of acrylic or glass and a variety of sleek aluminum finishes. Our glass shields are more sanitary than acrylic and standup to frequent cleaning without the risk of surface damage.

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