Leak Detection, Waterproofing and Weatherproofing – OKC & Tulsa

We consult, inspect, test and correct storefront and curtain wall leaks.

Storefront and Curtain Wall Leak Detection

Oklahoma's harsh and unforgiving weather tests the limits of commercial storefront and curtain wall systems. We experience major upswings and downswings in temperatures, high winds, torrential rainfall, large hail, snow, ice and damaging solar rays. Knox Glass of OKC & Tulsa has many years of proven experience servicing, repairing and building weather resistant storefront, door and curtain wall systems in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. We know what makes them leak and how to fix them the first time. We've corrected leaks that customers have literally given up on after years and years of failed repairs.

We will determine the cause of the leak and provide you with the most economical plan for fixing it. Contact us today for your FREE* visual leak inspection.  *Ask for details.

  • Storefront leak detection
  • Curtain wall leak detection
  • Window leak detection
  • Door frame and threshold leak detection
  • Water testing services

Water testing often requires two personnel and is charged by the hour. After the source and origin of the water intrusion is determined a written scope of work, which may include field notes, sketches, photographs and an estimate can be provided at an extra cost. If repairs are completed by Knox Glass these charges will be credited towards the repairs.

Storefront and Curtain Wall Waterproofing / Weatherproofing

Have a leaky storefront, door or curtain wall? Knox Glass specializes in storefront waterproofing / weatherproofing services in the Oklahoma City and Tulsa areas. We offer complete waterproofing / weatherproofing services. Everything from rebuilding storefronts / curtain walls by partial or complete disassembly (adding any missing parts or replacing old and worn out parts), to replacing worn out weatherstripping and caulking. It's all part of our weatherproofing process in making your storefront / curtain wall water processing system function like new. Some of our services include:

  • Storefront removal, repair/rebuild and reinstall
  • Curtain wall removal, repair/rebuild and reinstall
  • Complete removal and replacement
  • Storefront weather sealing using high-quality waterproofing sealants
  • Storefront weatherstrip / weather barrier replacement
  • Storefront flashing repair and replacement
  • Curtain wall weather sealing
  • Door weatherstrip replacement
  • Door frame leak repair and weatherproofing
  • Door threshold leak repair and replacement
  • Curtain wall rubber replacement
  • Dry-rot removal and material replacement
  • Deteriorated caulking removal and replacement
  • Storefront and curtain wall perimeter caulking
  • Curtain wall and storefront waterproofing
  • Expansion joint caulking removal and replacement
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